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Your road map to stable, safe and efficient emulsions ArtNr.: DP-ED22

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This is a digital product in English

We have collected all the information you need to create stable, efficient and safe emulsions, the whole journey of the formulator from the first inspiration spark to  stability and challenge testing,

the follow ups and the tweakings. This is not an instruction booklet nor a formulation book. It helps you organize and utilize the experiments you are running through the process of formulating an emulsion.

You can download this file and print is as often as you need. We have made the file printer-friendly and avoided using pretty photos that increase the cost of the printing.

If you are making emulsions for yourself, if you are a formulator creating formulations for your own company or in commission of other companies, this file will help you collect and process all the data you need during the long journey of emulsion making.

17 template pages that categorize your thoughts, tests and results and lead you through the process of emulsion making (applicable for both O/W and W/O emulsions).

What you get with your purchase:

  • Access to the flip book that you can scroll online and save as a PDF file and print as often as you want

This is a digital product and is not refundable

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