Effective yet mild preservatives to protect your products and your consumers against unwanted guests and contamination
Glyceryl caprylate GMCY
INCI Name: Glyceryl caprylateCAS # 26402-26-6EC # 247-668-1GMCY is the ester of glycerine with caprylic acid. Completely plant based and Ecocert certified multi-functional ingredient for natural (and conventional) cosmetics. The antimicrobial effect of glycerin esters is known for decades. Glyceryl caprylate combines antimicrobial properties with skin conditioning and moisturizing properties of glycerin. Besides being an excellent emollient, GMCY is applied to boost preservative efficacy, specially in combination with modern, natural preservatives such as preservative 1388® Eco .As if all that is not enough, GMCY could be applied in oil based products to improve skin feel after rinsing. It turns the oil to a milk by adding water. We recommend it to be applied in bath oils and bath melts as an emulsifier. Since it may cause sensitisation and stinging by direct contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes, we do not recommend this ingredient for facial cleansing oils.Application help: It is added to both water based and oil based products as well as to emulsions. For water based products containing no alcohol you may need a solubilizer to incorporate GMCY into water.GMCY has a melting point of about 30-35 degrees Celsius and could be easily melted in a water bath at low temperature and then added to the water or the oil phase. Because of the dependence of consistency on temperature, we ship this ingredient in bottles during summer and in jars during winter.Application pH: 4,5-7,0 please make sure that the pH is lower than 7 as you add GMCY.Application dosage: as a preservative booster (0,3-0,5%)As an emollient: around 0,5-1,0%As an emulsifier in bath oils & butters 8-10%

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Magnolia extract
INCI Name: Magnolia officinalis bark extractCAS #: 947686-05-7EINECS# 943-705-7Magnolia extract is a 100% natural ingredient containing magnolol and honokiol as active ingredients.It has anti-aging, conditioning, anti-frizz, anti-acne, anti fungal and anti-oxidant properties. Its main application is in powders such as cream to powder foundations to prohibit growing of fungi, powder masks, oleogels.In water containing formulations, magnolia extract is effective independent of the pH.This is a white fine powder and is soluble in oils, ester-oils and glycols. This ingredient is very sensitive to heat and moisture. We ship it together with a natural desiccant sachet. Keep it in closed container and protected from moisture.Add magnolia extract during the cool down phase.Application dosage: 0,05-0,2%ECOCERT & COSMOS approved

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No-Kons PA20
INCI: Phenethyl alcohol, EthylhexylglycerinCAS# 60-12-8, 70445-33-9EC# 200-456-2, 408-080-2NOT natural (natural identical), NOT Palm-oil freeThis is a non-preservative preservative and stabilizer suitable for all rinse-off and leave-on formulations. It performs independent of the pH (max. pH 12) and is easy to use and imparts a faint "rose" scent in the product.You can use it as a stand-alone ingredient or in blend with conventional preservatives to enhance their efficacy and reduce the overall concentration of the sensitizers. Apart from that, ethylhexylglycerin has deodorant properties.Application: 0,5-1,1%Max. processing temperature: 80 oCIn water based products blend with a surfactant or solubilizer (limited water solubility)In emulsions add during the cool down and after emulsification (even in cold process)

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Preservative 1388 ECO
INCI: Glycerin, Aqua, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium AnisatePreservative 1388 ECO is an antimicrobial blend  that provides excellent protection in your cosmetic products. It is Ecocert certified, is palm-free and is applicable in "natural and organic" cosmetics. Even better, it allows you a "preservative-free" claim (although we do not promote this claim). It's applicable in all kinds of cosmetics from tonics and splashes to gels and emulsions. It imparts outstanding protection against bacteria (Gram positive and negative) as well as against mold. It is an excellent preservative for hydrosols and plant extracts.We specially recommend this preservative as a stand-alone water soluble (no need for any solubiliser) preservative for water based products such as tonics and body splashes where you don't apply any other oil soluble ingredient and want to avoid any solubiliser. You can boost its activity by applying 0.1% of Natural chelator PA-3 which is a natural chelating agent.In Emulsions it has a weak activity against yeast and you may need to combine it with other preservatives with a higher anti-yeast activity such as potassium sorbate or Glyceryl caprylate GMCY (0.5%) (specially if you're applying high concentrations of natural ingredients such as honey, aloe, clays and gums in your formulation).In addition to preserving, Preservative 1388 Eco imparts moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties to the product.Application dosage: 3,0-4,0% (the manufacturer has updated the dosage to 2,0-4,0% recently but according to our experience 2,0% is not enough for a full spectrum preserving)Application pH: although the supplier recommends a pH range between 4.5-5.5, we recommend a pH range between 5.0-5.5 according to our experience and further discussion with technical experts of the manufacturer. At a pH lower than 5.0, the product becomes insoluble and might cause turbidity or emulsion separation.Application mode: adding to the water phase. Needs no solubilizer in transparent liquidsWe recommend blending preservative 1388 ECO with Glyceryl caprylate GMCY (ca. 0,5%- specially in creams and lotions to boost the yeast protection) and Natural chelator PA-3 (0,05-0,5%) as a natural chelating agent. Chelating agents bind metal ions (specially iron and copper and destabilise microorganisms, boosting the preservative efficacy).Disclaimer: This information and the information provided by the manufacturer are no replacement for a preservative efficacy test or challenge test.

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Preservative K903
Preservative K903INCI: benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid and tocopherol K903 is an effective preservative at low concentrations for all rinse-off and leave-on products.Just like all other weak organic acids, its efficacy is extremely pH dependent and optimum application pH is pH<6. (we recommend 5.0-5.5)In the EU there is a limitation for benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol concentration and the max. allowed concentration for  K903 is 1,23%. Keep that in mind if you're applying other ingredients that are preserved with benzyl alcohol or benzoic acid.Since the preservative has lipophilic components, it is not completely water soluble. In products without an oil phase (lotions) or a surfactant (shampoo, facial cleansing foam) you'll need a solubilizer to incorporate it into water. Technically it is possible to use a solubilizer like natural solubilizer clear plus for this purpose. We recommend however to use this preservative only in lipid containing formulations (lotions, balms) to avoid sensitization.Read our blog post about benzyl alcohol and how to work with it for a best performance and least sensitization.

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Versatile preservative BL non GMO
Versatile preservative BLINCI: Aqua, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium BenzoateVersatile preservative BL is a water soluble natural (Ecocert, Cosmos and Natrue certified) and palm oil free preservative. It is very effective against Gram+ and Gram - bacteria and moderately effective against yeast and mould. In water based products such as tonics, micellar water, cleansing foams and gels it is effective as a stand-alone preservative but in emulsions it needs a preservative booster or co-preservative which is effective against yeast and mould .We've added Versatile preservative BL to our product portfolio because it tolerates lower pH better than preservative 1388 eco. Please be aware that because of the sodium benzoate in this preservative blend, you would not be able to claim your product as "preservative-free" . Apart from that, benzoic acid and sodium benzoate concentration is subjected to limitations in the EU and in most parts of the word. If your other ingredients are preserved with sodium benzoate, the total (sum) concentration of all sodium benzoate or benzoic acid should be calculated in order to comply with the regional legislation.Versatile preservative BL increases the pH. Make sure your product has a pH of minimum 5 as you add Versatile preservative BL. Measure the pH again and adjust it between 4,5-5,5 by using lactic acid or citric acid.Application dosage: 1,5-2,5%max. allowed dosage in the EU: 5,0%optimal pH (finished product): 4,5-5,5

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Versatile preservative TBG
Versatile preservative TBGINCI: Triethyl Citrate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Benzoic AcidVersatile preservative TBG is an effective, safe and globally accepted preservative for natural cosmetics. It is Ecocert, Cosmos and Natrue conform.It is very effective against Gram+ and Gram - bacteria as well as against yeast. It is not quite effective against mold. However it works as a stand-alone preservative in emulsions and in water based products. In products containing surfactants (shower gel, shampoo, etc.) it needs some complementary preservative to cover the full spectrum.Versatile preservative TBG is insoluble in water and needs a solubilizer for water based products such as tonics and gels. However, since it is free from benzyl alcohol, it is much more milder and less sensitizing than preservatives containing benzyl alcohol (specially in water based products with no oil phase)Its main advantage to other "natural" preservatives is its higher tolerance and efficacy at lower pH ranges. This is the main reason we recommend this preservative for deodorants and hair conditioners which have a lower pH than most of the skin and hair care products.You can easily combine this preservative with Euxyl® K903 or preservative 1388 eco for an improved performance.Application dosage: 1,0-1,5%Optimum pH: 4.0-6.0

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