Buffer solutions
Ready to use calibration solutions for all pH-electrodes (50 ml in a plastic screw-capped bottle)In order to avoid accidental mixing up or mistake by calibration, the solutions are coloured differentlypH 4,00 ±0,02 (20 °C), redpH 7,00 ±0,02 (20 °C), greenThe calibration solutions are ready to use. There is no need to dilute them or process them. Just add enough buffer solution to a small beaker or any other suitable container, rinse the electrode with distilled water, immerse the electrode in the buffer solution and calibrate according to the instruction of your instrument.

Electrode storage solution
KCl, 3M solution stabilised with AgClYour pH electrodes should never be stored in distilled or tap water, in alcohol or in a product solution. To keep the electrode hydrated, improve the performance and reaction time of the electrode and prolong its life, it should be stored in a special and standardized electrolyte solution. This standardized solution of KCl which is stabilized (and preserved) with AgCl would improve the performance and prolong the shelf-life of your pH-electrodes

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pH strips
100 pieces of pH-strips in a plastic box with colour scale for comparison.The strips can indicate pH between1- 4.5-10.0 (a much broader range than what you need in a cosmetic lab) with an accuracy of 0.5.2- 5.1-7.2 with an accuracy of 0.3These are among the most exact indicator strips available to the cosmetic formulator.

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