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"green" conditioner base
INCI : Arachidyl/Behenyl Betainate Esylate (and) Arachidyl/Behenyl AlcoholApplication dosage: 4-12% for liquid conditioner, up to 50% for solid conditionerpH of the final product: 3-5This is the conditioner all "green" formulators have been waiting for. No fuss, not picky and easy to work with. Suitable for liquid as well as solid conditioners with an outstanding performance and no build-up on hair.It enables you to choose a broad range of oil concentration as well as a broad spectrum of oil polarity.This ingredient works perfectly with tara gumCompatibility: not compatible with anionic surfactants, gums or emulsifiersTo improve the stability, the conditioner must be buffered with a lactic-acid/sodium lactate solution otherwise the pH will drop over time (instruction for the buffer is in the brochure that you can access by scanning the qr code on the label of the product)Watch this video for the tutorial

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a-Bisabolol, natural, plant based
alpha-BisabololINCI Name: BisabololCAS # 515-69-5 / 23089-26-1A soothing and anti-inflammatory agent. Bisabolol is oil soluble and could be applied in aqueous products only with an emulsifier/solubilizer.A suitable agent for shaving and after shave products, after sun, soothing creams, diaper rash products and in Acne-products.Origin: Candeia treeApplied concentration: 0,1-1,0%Add at a temperature <30 C

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Acai oil, organic, cold pressed and virgin
INCI: EUTERPE OLERACEA FRUIT OIL Saponification value: 180-200 mg KOH/gr Iodine value: 60-90 Acai oil is a deep green oil pressed from the fruits (pulp) of the Acai palm from Amazonian Brazil. Acai palm has a significant cultural and economical role in Brazilian economy. The fruit, its juice and extract as well as the oil are being used in food and beverage industry, in pharmacy and food supplement industry as well as in cosmetics. Acai oil has an almost unique fatty acid spectrum rich both in oleic acid and palmitic acid. A typical fatty acid distribution:Oleic acid:63-81% Palmitic acid: 9-19% Linoleic acid: 4-11%Stearic acid: <5% Most important however is the high concentration of phytosterols and nonanthocyanin phenolics such as phenolic acids and procyanidins that make the fruit and the oil superheros of health and beauty industry. The oil has an excellent thermal and oxidation stability, showing no significant changes in free fatty acid and peroxide value by short term heating and long term storage. Meaning you can apply the oil for cooking as well as in cosmetics (heating for a short period in hot process creams and lotions.) We recommend Acai oil for anti-aging cosmetic products from mild cleansing oils and emulsions to luxurious serums.

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Activated bamboo charcoal
INCI: Charcoal powderBamboo activated charcoal is the most effective and most popular charcoal available on the market.This is a vegan product, NaTrue certified and non-radiated (thermally sterilized), Ecocert COSMOS conform.This ingredient is made from bamboo branches,shoots and roots pyrolyzed (carbonized) under high temperatures and activated.This activation step will enable to clean the cavities which are filled with tar duringcarbonization and hence to increase the adsorption capacity of bamboo charcoal.The porosity is about 5 times greater, and the adsorption efficiency is multipliedby 10 with respect to the non-activated carbon.activated charcoal has a high thermal and pH stability and is stable withing a pH between 2-12.Since this ingredient is extremely absorbent, avoid humidity and store it under dry conditions(remember: activated bamboo charcoal is used in air filters to absorb humidity).Application: soap, cleansing balms, masks, tooth paste, deodorants

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Ajowan fruit CO2 (se) extract
INCI: Trachyspermum Ammi (Ajowain) Fruit ExtractCAS-No. 91745-13-0EINECS-No. 294-681-3Halal and Kosher certifiedThis is an organic lipophilic extract gained by CO2 extraction (se) of organic ajowan fruits.The extract contains ca. 83-93% essential oils and 40-50% thymol.Ajowan has traditionally been used for its carminative, expectorant, antiseptic and antipyretic properties.In cosmetics it is used for its strong antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidative properties.We recommend application of ajowan extract in deodorant, anti-acne and anti-bacterial formulations as well as in foot care formulations.The extract itself does not smell very pretty but don't be intimidated by it. It becomes milder and quite tolerable in the finished product.Dosage: Tisserand recommend a max. dermal dosage of 1,4% for the essential oil based on thymol content. We recommend a dosage between 0,1-0,5% in cosmetic formulations.

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INCI Name: ALLANTOIN CAS # 97-59-6 Allantoin is a very mild additive gained from Urea. It has a superior thermal stability over Urea and has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, skin conditioning and protecting functions.Allantoin is a white powder which is water soluble (0,4% @ 20 degrees Celsius) and is added to the water phase in the formulation. In hot process formulations, add it during cool down and by temperatures below 50 degrees.It could be applied in all Rinse-off and Leave-on products such as shampoo, after shave and shaving products, after sun and sun care, moisturizing creams, lotions etc.You can even easily apply it into your balms and butters, add it as the butter is cooling down and has made a trace, stir continuously as the butter cools till it solidifies. It is an excellent ingredients for chappy foot soles, dry, inflamed and itchy skin.Applied concentration:0,05-0,2% in water containing products. Allantoin is soluble in cold water up to 0,4%, the solubility increases by increasing temperature ( do not heat it more than 50 degree centigrade). Adding glycerine or a glycol such as pentylene glycol improves the solubility as well. Keep the pH between 4-8.0,1-5,0% in waterless formulations such as balms, butters, deodorant sticks, lipstick, mineral powder etc. In powder formulations, blend it with the powder. In balms and butters add it to the formulation at a light trace and blend it during the whole cool down phase.

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Amaranth CO2-extract
Amaranth seed CO2 extract, organic quality stabilized against oxidation by 0.1% organic rosemary antioxidant extractINCI: Amaranthus Caudatus (Amaranth) Seed Extract, and Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf ExtractCAS. #: CAS-No. 223747-79-3 and 84604-14-8This product is Halal and Kosher certifiedAmaranth extract is a yellow oil and contains all CO2-soluble lipohilic components:The extract contains:ca. 20% palmitic acidca 25% oleic acidca. 50% linoleic acidand ca 11% unsaponifiables among them 6.0% squalene, 2% total sterols and ca 900 ppm total tocopherols.Amaranth oil is an excellent nourishing oil for all hair and skin care products. High concentrations of squalene and phytosterols are extremely useful for dry, damaged and sensitive skin and hair, improve skin elasticity and hair and skin texture.Miscible with all oils and ester oils. Application dosage: 1.0-5.0%This product shall be stored cool ( between 15-20 degrees). Some cloudiness may occur at low temperatures but that wouldn't have any negative impact on the quality. Bring to room temperature shortly before application.Store between 5-15 degrees Centigrade.

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anti grey roots active peptide
INCI: Glycerin (and) Water (and) Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-20 amideCountry of origin: CanadaHalal certifiedSuitable for vegan formulations% naturalness according to ISO 16128: 99,95%This is a biomimetic peptide blend that reactivates melanin production.Function: prevention of greying hair roots, reversing the grey roots and bringing the natural hair colour back.This is a water soluble product. Much easier and more environmental friendly (as well as skin and scalp friendly) than hair dyes.Application: in rinse-off and leave-on productsDosage: 0,5-1% in preventive products, 1-2% to reverse the grey rootsOptimum pH: 4,0-8,0Add this ingredient at the end of formulation and below 40 CDo not apply with sugars (such as prebiotics this will cause a colour change in the product)Store @ room temperature and protected from light. Shake before applicationThis product is only sold B2B. You need a valid VAT number to be able to order this ingredient

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Antimicrobial extract
INCI : Salvia Triloba (Sage) Leaf Extract, and Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, and Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Root Extract, and Humulus Lupulus (Hops) Cone Extract, and Glycyrrhiza Uralensis (Licorice) Root Extract, and Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Extract, and Origanum Vulgare (Oregano) Leaf Extract, and Trachyspermum Ammi (Ajowain) Fruit Extract,CAS-No. 85085-68-3, 8001-21-6, 89998-05-0, 8060-28-4, 94349-91-4, 84961-50-2, 84012-24-8, 91745-13-0, EINECS-No. 285-391-8, 289-742-6, 232-504-3, 305-209-3, 284-638-7, 281-670-3, 294-681-3This is a CO2 extract and a natural and food grade preservative free of any solvent or heavy metal residues and effective at a very low dosage as a stand-alone preservative or a co-preservative. The product is a dark-brown and high viscosity liquid and is a mixture of the extracts from Ajowain seeds, Oregano leaves, Clove buds, Curcuma Xanthorriza roots, Licorice roots, Hop cones and Sage leaves.CAS-No. 85085-68-3, 8001-21-6, 89998-05-0, 8060-28-4, 94349-91-4, 84961-50-2, 84012-24-8, 91745-13-0, EINECS-No. 285-391-8, 289-742-6, 232-504-3, 305-209-3, 284-638-7, 281-670-3, 294-681-3This product is Kosher certifiedApplication: Emulsions and creams, oleogels, scrubs and oil based products coming into contact with water. We recommend adding it to the oil phase by cold process preparations or adding the extract to the lotion after the cool downDosage: 0.1-0.2%Disclaimer: We do not recommend this ingredient for baby products (children under 2 years).Please check the efficacy of this natural preservative in your formulation by appropriate challenge tests. This CO2 extract contains allergens which should be declared on the label.You may need to heat and shake the bottle before applicationFragrance allergens:Eugenol <7%Linalool <0.15%d-Limonene <0.05%

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Apricot kernel oil, organic and cold pressed
Apricot kernel oil, organic, cold pressedt INCI Name PRUNUS ARMENIACA KERNEL OIL CAS # 68650-44-2 / 72869-69-3 EC # 272-046-1 / - Sap. value: 185-200 mg KOH/gr Iodine value: 90-115 It is an excellent skin care oil specially for dry skin, for baby skin and for eye and lip care. The oil has a very similar profile to sweet almond oil. It contains about 70% oleic and about 25% linoleic acid. Alpha-Tocopherol content is rather low (ca. 140 ppm) but the more heat stable gamma-tocopherol has a remarkable concentration (480 ppm). Apricot kernel oil has a high content of phytosterols, mainly beta-sitosterol. The oil shall both repair and nourish the skin. It is excellent for cold process emulsification and even for soap making (about 10-15%)

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Ascorbyl Palmitate
Ascorbyl Palmitate (Ecocert approved), Mass BalanceINCI: Ascorbyl PalmitateCAS # 137-66-6EC # 205-305-4This is a lipophilic and stabilized form of Vitamin C, naturally derived and Ecocert approved. Ascorbyl palmitate is the ester of vitamin C with a much better stability compared to vitamin C. Its antioxidant activities are specially enhanced in combination with tocopherols (vitamin E)Vitamin C has antioxidant properties both in the product and on the extracellular matrix. It can promote cell regeneration and stimulate collagen synthesis and hence have some anti-aging properties.Obtained by esterification of ascorbic acid (fermentation) and palmitic acid (palm oil)Application:Ascorbyl palmitate is lipophilic and should be dispersed in the hot oil phase. It will not completely dissolve in the oil phase and hence would not create completely transparent oils but in emulsions and butters it would easily be dispersed and create a nice and stable texture.Dosage:As an antioxidant in the formulation (specially in combination with tocopherols): 0,1-0,2%As an active ingredient: 0,1-1,0%

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Avocado oil, organic, virgin
Avocado oil, green, raw, organic, cold pressed INCI Name PERSEA GRATISSIMA OIL CAS # 8024-32-6 Saponification value: 170-197 mg KOH/gr Iodine value: 65-95 An extraordinary effective oil in skin and hair care, specially suitable for dry hair and skin and for sun-damaged skin. Because of the intensive scent of the oil it is rarely applied in aromatherapy, however, it is very suitable for head massage. Avocado oil contains about 120 ppm tocopherols (alpha- and gamma- tocopherol) and 3600 ppm phytosterols (mainly sitosterol), It is applicable up to 100% in soap making. Soaps prepared with pure avocado oil are extremely mild and nourishing to skin.

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Babassu oil, organic
Babassu oil, organic and refined INCI Name ORBIGNYA OLEIFERA SEED OIL CAS # 91078-92-1 EINECS/ELINCS # 293-376-2 Saponification value: 241-253 mg KOH/gr Iodine value: 10-17 Babassu oil is obtained from the nuts of the babassu, a coconut like fruit, Orbignya oleifera, Palmaceae by cold pressing. Babassu palm is native to north eastern Brazil. The oil is very similar to coconut oil and is applied like coconut oil as an edible as well as an cosmetic and soap making oil. It is a non drying oil with a titer point of around 25 degrees, it melts by skin contact and leaves a very pleasant skin feel. Babassu oil contains around 50% lauric acid, 20% myristic acid, 6% palmitic acid and 15% oleic acid. It is an excellent emollient oil with wound healing properties and beneficial to both greasy and dry skin. In soap making it imparts to hardness as well as a bubbly foam, getting more and more attractive as a replacement for palm or palm kernel oil for added hardness to palm-free soaps. In SkinChakra® soaps, we apply Babassu oil up to 10% Attention: In summer we ship this product in bottles to avoid leakage. You may need to melt it over moderate heat and refill it in wide mouth bottles or jars.

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Bacuri Butter, raw, unrefined
Raw Unrefined Organically Grown/Wild-Harvested Bacuri Butter INCI: PLATONIA INSIGNIS SEED BUTTER CAS# 1943723-34-9 Melting point: 35 C Iodine value: 50-65 mg I2/100 gr Sap. No.: 200-220 mg KOH/gr This is a wild harvested butter from the Amazonian rainforest. Although the colour and the earthy scent of the butter are not quite pleasant on their own, they become quite attractive in combination with other oils and butters. Because of its excellent absorption/penetration, bacuri butter is applicable in all hair and skin care products. High concentrations of palmitic acid makes it a suitable ingredient for dry hair and skin but because of the dry skin feel it can be applied as well in skin care products for greasy skin. Applied in pure form over skin, it imparts a golden touch to the skin. Bacuri oil is used as well in soap making. Since the butter has a very intensive colour and an inherent mossy scent, it is only used in combination with other oils & butters and is hardly applied as a stand-alone ingredient. It has a very nice, non-greasy skin feel. Traditional uses include treating spider and snake bites, skin problems and relieving arthritis and rheumatism pain. Bacuri butter is used as well to reduce freckles and scars. Both butter and fruit extract shall have anti-oxidant activity. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it is applied in depilatory and after-depilation products as well as in shaving and after shave preparations.

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INCI: BakuchiolCAS# 10309-37-2This is a natural and safe alternative to retinol (vit A), 100% plant based and suitable for vegan formulations.It imparts the benefits of retinol but without its safety issues and drawbacks. One of its great advantages is its photostability which makes it suitable for day applications.Bakuchiol is a concentrated active ingredient derived from Psoralea corylifolia (babchi seeds) and is different to the whole oil which is also available on the market as bakuchi (or babchi) oil.This is a lipophilic ingredient with a yellow  to brown colourBakuchiol improves skin defense against oxidative stress and inflammatory stress, stimulates collagen synthesis and activates anti-aging genes.Application dosage: 0,5-1,0%pH of the finished product should be <6,5Avoid contact with iron and copper (clays) or add a chelating agentAdd during the cool down phaseStore between +15 to +30 C; avoid light and heat.This product is NaTrue conformed

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Baobab oil organic, virgin, cold pressed
INCI Name: ADANSONIA DIGITATA SEED OIL CAS # 91745-12-9 EC # 294-680-8 Saponification value:190-192 mg KOH/gr Iodine value: 76-85 An excellent hair and skin care oil with a remarkable oxidation stability. Derived from the seeds of baobab(monkey bread) tree, a typical African tree and one of the most precious plants on earth. The oil is rich in palmitic acid (C16:0) ca. 20-25%, oleic acid (C18:1) ca 30-40% and linoleic acid (C18:2) ca. 25-30% as well as rich in unsaponifiables such as sterols (4900 ppm total phytosterols among them 3800 beta-sitosterol) and hence performs anti-inflammatory, regenerative and barrier protection activities. Baobab oil plays an important role in ethnic hair and skin care products. It is excellent for dry, mature and sensitive skin, for soap making, for emulsions and lotions with a silky skin feel, for body butters with a like feel but good coverage and for hair balms and masks.

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Bergamot essential oil
Bergamot FCF oil, organic and Ecocert certifiedOrigin: Italy100% natural and pure essential oil obtained by pressing the peelINCI: CITRUS BERGAMIA PEEL OIL EXPRESSEDCAS# 9957-91-5 / 8007-75-8EC#289-612-9 / - -You'll receive the complete analysis, SDS and the breakdown of allergenes with your orderStorage condition: Keep in a closed container protected from heat and direct light.This is a FCF oil. There are no dermal limits and no risks of photosensitization or phototoxicity as long as you avoid using old and oxidized oils.

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Berry wax
Berry Wax INCI: Rhus verniciflua peel ceraCountry of origin: Germany This is a plant based wax, COSMOS approved, Kosher and Halal certified and suitable for all natural and vegan cosmetic applications. Berry wax is derived from the peels of the rhus verniciflua berry. The tree is called laquer tree as well because of the exudates which are used for the production of Japan Laquer. The wax has a decent pale colour and scent and does not affect the colour and scent of the product. Melting point 48-54 oC Saponification valuel 180-220 Acid value 5-30 Berry wax is applicable in all cosmetic material from cleansing balms and butters to hair styling product, decorative cosmetics and emulsions. It impart emulsion stabilizing properties as well as a "whipped cream" and powdery texture to emulsions. In decorative cosmetics, it is specially used in stick formulations such as kajals and lipsticks. Despite its low melting point, it imparts stability and anti-break properties. Read more about natural waxes for cosmetic applications

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Black cumin CO2 extract, organic
Organic black cumin CO2 (total) extractINCI-Name: Nigella Sativa (Black cumin) Seed Extract and Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf ExtractCAS-No. 90064-32-7 , 84604-14-8EINECS-No.290-094-1 283-291-9This extract contains about 0,1% organic rosemary extract as an antioxidantThe extract contains fatty acid components of the oil: ca. 13% palmitic acid, 2,5% stearic acid, 22% oleic acid, 59% Linoleic acid, 1,9% eicosadienoic acid.Apart from the fatty acid components, this extract contains about 5% essential oils consisting mainly of thymoquinone, cymene, thujene, carvacrol, thymohydroquinone etc. The content of thymoquinone in the extract is > 3,0 %.Thymoquinone, the most highly praised component of black cumin oil has proved to perform anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties.We recommend applying this extract in acne, muscle relief, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory preparations.This is a lipophilic extract and should be added to the oil phase or to the final product during cool down phase.Application dosage: Although there are no legal limit to this extract, we recommend a dosage between 0,5-5,0%Store between 5-15 degrees Centigrade.

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Blue tansy oil, organic
Blue tansy oilOrigin: Morocco100% natural and pure essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the top flower partsINCI: Tanacetum annuum flower oil9,75% Chamazulene contentYou'll receive the complete analysis, SDS and the breakdown of allergens with your orderStorage condition: Keep in a closed container protected from heat and direct light.

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Brazil Nut exfoliant
INCI: BERTHOLLETIA EXCELSA SEED POWDER Natural and environmental friendly scrub from brazil nut shells. This is a COSMOS and ECOCERT conform product, is 100% biodegradable and is not radiated. This product is suitable for facial as well as body and hand and feet applications. The particle size is under 1,00 mm with the majority of the particle around 0,5 mm. This exfoliant is applicable in water bases products, creams and oil based products. You need to adjust the viscosity and yield stress of the carrier in order to suspend the particles.

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Brazilian black clay
INCI: Kaolin CAS#: 1332-58-7 This is a Brazilian kaolin rich in aluminium oxide and silicon oxide with lower concentrations of titanium dioxide and iron oxide. Black clay has detoxifying and antioxidant properties. Its small particle size (5,5 µm) makes it a suitable ingredient for mineral makeup and fine cosmetics Application: Hair Care : dry shampoo, sculpting clay, shampoo bar Balms and butters Soaps and shower bars, cleansing balms and sticks Decorative cosmetics and mineral makeup Application dosage: 1-90% in hair and body products Stability: in a pH range between 2-12,0 and temperature between 0-95 degrees centigrade This is a non radiated natural mineral which is thermally sterilized and is free of pathogens. It is a black powder which is neither water soluble nor oil soluble. You need to disperse it in the oil. Water absorption capacity: 72,20% Oil absorption capacity: 91,55%

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Brazilian red clay
INCI: KaolinCAS#: 1332-58-7This is a brazilian kaolin rich in aluminium oxide, silicon oxide and iron oxide with detoxifying and antioxidant properties. Its small particle size (5,5 µm) makes it a suitable ingredient for mineral makeup and fine cosmeticsApplication:Hair Care : dry shampoo, sculpting clay, shampoo barBalms and butters for a cream to powder sensorySoaps and shower bars, cleansing balms and sticksDecorative cosmetics and mineral makeupApplication dosage: 1-90% in hair and body productsStability: in a pH range between 2-12,0 and temperature between 0-95 degrees centigradeThis is a non radiated natural mineral which is thermally sterilized and is free of pathogens. It is a dark red powder which is neither water soluble nor oil soluble. You need to disperse it in the oil.Water absorption capacity: 70,1%Oil absorption capacity: 88,7%

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Brazilian white clay
INCI: KaolinCAS#: 1332-58-7This is a brazilian kaolin rich in aluminium oxide and silicon oxide and with copper, selenium, magnesium, zinc and manganese that help the skin nutrition and in maintain the hair & skin healthy. Its small particle size (5,5 µm) makes it a suitable ingredient for mineral makeup and fine cosmetics. In hair & skin care it is used for sebum and moisture control in: Deodorants and antiperspirant systems Men cosmetics : shaving and beard care products Hair Care (odor absorption, sebum control) Balms and butters for a cream to powder sensory Decorative cosmetics and mineral makeup Application dosage: 5-90% in hair and body products Stability: in a pH range between 2-12,0 and temperature between 0-95 degrees centigrade This is a non radiated natural mineral which is thermally sterilized and is free of pathogens. It is a white-grey powder which is neither water soluble nor oil soluble. You need to disperse it in the oil. Click here for a sample formulation on our blog.

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