Jars and bottles for your cosmetic products
Cream jar Nobel, 50 ml
A beautiful and elegant cream jar in im matt glass with a PP lid and 50 ml volume.

Cream jar Ovale
Cream jar 30 mlThe jar is double walled and is made from recyclable PP.the 30 ml jar has a white screw cap with a golden ring and comes with a covering disc (PP).

Flip-top bottle 100 ml
A simple and multi functional bottle (100 ml) for packaging of shampoos, shower gels, oils, lotions, conditioners and raw material. The Flip-top is a very practical cap for every day use in bath room or in the laboratory.a

Foam dispenser
Foam dispenser bottle incl. pump and protection cap.This multifunctional bottle could be applied for hand washing foam, face cleansing foam, foam tonic and a variety of other products.An economic and easy application of most of your cleansing/ personal care articles are achieved with this beautiful bottle.This bottle is delivered in round form (100 ml / or 50 ml capacity) with the foam dispenser cap.

Jumbo natural pencils
These are 100% natural pencils for easy production of lipstick, lip pencil, eye liner, kajal. There is no need for any mould. The melted material will be directly poured into the pencil and the pencil is easily sharpened with a conventional sharpener.The pencils are from cellulose, 100% plant based and biodegradable and the end caps are from bio plastic. Available in bamboo and birch optic.

lotion bottle with spender pump
glass bottle with lotion pump available in 200 ml and 250 ml

Serum glass, 3 ml
An elegant serum bottle in frosted glass with a pipette in gold-blackThe empty bottle weights ca. 7 gr.Suitable for packaging oil based and water based serum. Non-reacting to oils and essential oils

Tube bottle
Tube bottle LD/HDPE30 ml: with a white flip top cap100 ml: white flip top cap with a golden ringPack your products in tubes without any need for tube sealing machines. These cute tubes which are easily filled from the opening are suitable for shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, gels and oleogels.