Pro Vitamin D

Product information "Pro Vitamin D"

7-Dehydrocholesterol also known as provitamin D
INCI Name: 7-Dehydrocholesterol
CAS #:434-16-2

7-Dehydrocholesterol which is naturally present in skin, is a precursor of vitamin D 3 and cholesterol.
Under UV irradiation, Skin’entialTM DC is metabolized to vitamin D 3 in the skin, further converted to its active metabolite (calcitriol) for skin protection by:
Improving barrier function
Protecting against UV damages and senescence
Stimulating natural antimicrobial peptides

Application dosage: 0,01-0,1%
Application: in the cold oil phase

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This product is not suitable for vegan formulations.

This ingredient absorbs moisture and may degrade when not protected from light and humidity.
We deliver 7-Dehydrocholesterol together with natural desiccant sachets to protect it from humidity during transport and recommend that you store this ingredient in a well closed container in the fridge. Our sachets are environmental friendly and biodegradable (natural clay) and you can discard them with your usual household trash.

COSMOS approved: YES
Colour: White
Physical form: Powder
Solubility: Oil soluble
Vegan: NO

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