Sample tins with snap-on lid

Product information "Sample tins with snap-on lid"
PP semi-transparent bottles with snap-on attached lid (10 pieces)
These bottles have a volume of ca. 45 ml and are 85 mm high. They are leakproof and are stable between -20 bis +121 °C. With open lid, they are autoclavable.

If you're looking for containers for your stability testing (not all samples should be tested in final packaging), these are the optimal ones. They occupy small capacities of your fridge, freezer or oven. You can staple them on top of each other. Because of their transparency, you can easily detect any changes in colour or sedimentation, phase separation or other visual changes in the samples.

You can even store some of your raw material such as powders, gums, clays etc. in these bottles.
The tins are dishwasher safe and you can use them at least for a few cycles of testing.

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